Functionality - The power of knowledge   SecBill SecBill is data provider for IP location databases. Our databases allow you to find where your visitors and customers are located geographically. This gives you the power to know more about your clients and improve sales and protect against online fraud.  
Very Flexible - Database in all formats Know your visitors. MAXIMISE SALES AND REVENUE When you know the actual country and city your website visitor is located in, you can serve customised content. Our IP location solutions allow you to serve better targeted advertising, suggestions and information based on your visitor's geographic location.  
Free IP location - Try our demo Design smart software LOCATION AWARENESS Providing your clients with relevant data greatly improves the user experience. By identifying otherwise hidden details such as Country, City, Internet Provider, TimeZone, ZipCode and more about your visitors your website or software will take better decisions.  

IP Geolocation Databases

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What is geo location technology?
IP Address geolocation is a technique of identifying the actual geographical location of a computer's IP address. With an accurate database containing IP addresses and their locations every online business can greatly increase it's productivity.
The great accuracy our database provides allows for accurate geotargeting for web sites and IP intelligence based fraud prevention services.

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    IP Address
    Country United States
    Region Massachusetts
    City Cambridge
    Latitude, Longitude 42.3646, -71.1028 (42° 21' 52", -71° 06' 10")
    Connection through Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Local Time UTC-7
    Organization Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Net Speed high
    Country Phone Code +1
    ZIP Code 02138
    Country Information USA, 840
    Currency Information USD, 840
  • Functionality - The power of knowledge

    Get to know your customer's origin and behaviour on your website with our Geo-location IP databases.

  • Very Flexible - Database in all formats

    By restructuring the IP location database in a variety of formats, we make it easier for you to integrate the data in your business.

  • Free IP location - Try our demo

    Before purchasing you can try using the free IP lookup service in our website and evaluate the results yourself.