IP to Country Database

Technical details and description of IP to Country database

IP to Country Database

IP to Country Database

Price: $99 per year.

The IP to Country geolocation database provides a passive and very accurate way of determining the physical location of any computer's IP address. The database contains description of all IP network ranges and the countries they are located in. This makes the process as easy as looking up an IP in the database and determining the actual country of your website visitor.

Database Samples

Before purchasing the database, you may want to view how the data actually looks inside.Please feel free to download the IP to Country database samples here:


Database Content Description

start_ipBIGINTStarting IP address of network range.
end_ipBIGINTEnding IP address of network range.
country_codeVARCHAR(2)ISO alpha 2 country code ( example US/UK/CA )
country_numericVARCHAR(3)ISO numberic country code ( example: 840/826/124 )
country_iso3VARCHAR(3)ISO alpha 3 country code ( example: USA/GBR/CAN )
country_nameVARCHAR(128)The name of the country ( example: United States/United Kingdom/Canada )